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Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is meant to be a natural skin rejuvenation technique that used as early as 1279 AD-sung Dynasty-on empress. Which  is a non-surgical approach to healthy skin, wrinkle reduction, and facial and neck re-sculpting. Article on effectiveness of facial acupuncture: *Zhang Qi and Zhu Lan-Xiu(1996), Meridional Cosmetology: Report of 300 Cases with Discussion of Underlying Mechanism. International Journa of Clinical Acupuncture, Vol7,No 4.l . It is effective, safe, holistic, and natural.  It reduces the signs of aging by balancing your body’s energy, re-educating and toning the underlying facial muscles and strengthening your collagen network.  Multiple sessions are administered over 1 to 1.5 hour periods.

How Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Works?

According to the latest studies by Dr. Howard, Murad, one of the America’s top dermatologists, aging skin, wrinkles, and sagging, puffy and baggy eyes, thin and dry skin are caused by free radical damage.

 These free radicals attack and destroy the walls of your skin cells.  You can compare your skin cells to a water balloon and the free radicals act like a knife that pokes holes into it. The balloon will then leak and your cells become dehydrated and deflated, because they have lost their integrity and no longer contain all the vital fluid and nutrients.

1. Facial rejuvenation improves digestion, immunity and circulation. It carries nutrients to cells which stimulates increased collagen and elastin production.

2. Facial acupuncture helps restore the integrity of the cells. This happens because the acupuncture boosts collagen and elastin production by stimulating the nervous, hormonal and circulatory systems.

3. Regulates organ functions

Corrects the imbalances in the meridians; regulates the internal environment of the body; helps make skin firm, moist and bright and guarantees overall beauty.

2. Works with body and face, bring Chi and blood to area. You will have a glow and will still look like you.

Traditional Chinese medical science believes that the complexion reveals the situations of internal organs, blood circulation performance on rosy cheek, rounded muscles and moisturized skins. Blood circulation is the functional basic of the overall beauty.

What are the benefits of Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture?

-You’ll feel healthier and have more vitality!

-And the best part: regular maintenance sessions can prevent future wrinkles!

-Will make facelifts last longer!

- It’s natural and holistic!

- Erases fine lines

- Reduces deeper lines including frown lines and crow’s feet

- Lifts, tones and re-educate facial muscles

- Reduces dark circles and puffiness

- Improves complexion

- Helps to reduce double chin if person not too heavy.

- Clears or reduces age spots

- Keeps acne prone skin under control

- Hydrates dry skin, balances oily skin

- Improves blood/lymph circulation

- Stimulate growth of healthy collagen and elastin

- Look like yourself but better!

- Rejuvenation of the whole body, while giving the skin a dewy, radiant appearance

How many treatments are needed?

A course of treatment consists of 12 sessions, twice a week for 6 consecutive weeks.  Depending on the skin condition and the age of the patient, 1 to 3 courses of treatments are necessary to achieve the desired results. Maintenance treatments once every two weeks or once a month are recommended for maximum benefits.  Remember that the effects of acupuncture are cumulative: the more treatments you get, the healthier your skin becomes and the better the results you get because you can prevent future wrinkles!

How long does the effect last? 

Typically, results of one course of treatment last from1 to 2 years.  Maintenance treatments help them last even longer.  Cosmetic Acupuncture diminishes the fine lines already existing on the skin and prevents the skin from aging.  This is a valuable investment in your body, your image, your self-confidence and your beauty.
Usually recommend 12 session and over depend of patient age and skin type.

Cost for per Session: $127 for 60 minutes:

Package 3-treatments: $ 360 (you save $ 18)

Package 5-treatments: $ 600 (you save $ 35)

Package 7-treatments: $ 805 (you save $ 84)

Or prepaid for 9- treatments and 10th is free: $ 1143 (you save $ 127)

Additional microneedle $30.00 for each session.

When necessary below lists are included treatments at NO additional charge.

  • Pulse Diagnostics

  • Tongue Evaluation

  • Face Massage

  • Body Massage

  • Herbal Recommendations, Diet, and Exercise

  • Cupping

  • Gua Sha( Jade)

  • Tui Na

  • Moxibustion

  • Acupressure-no Needles

  • Plan for course of treatment

Acupressure Facial Massage: cost per session: $ 55.

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